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96 Color Makeup Palette - FREE SHIP DEALS

96 Color Makeup Palette - Bright Colors - Versatile Makeover - Natural & Causal Look - Occasional Makeup

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Are you looking for a lipstick, eyeshades, blush, and contour in one palette? Here we offer you the palette with many features! The palette contains eyeshades, blush, highlighter, bronzer, and an angled contour to give you the desired look. Lift cheekbones, create definition in the chin and brighten up under eyes with this all in one foundation, concealer, contour and highlighting cream in the palette.

Mix and blend shades together to create an ideal skin tone. You can hold it with you anywhere and do makeup for your face. The makeup palette gives you a gorgeous and pretty look. Don’t miss the opportunity of owning this all in one palette!


  • The makeup palette is added with a creamy-to-the-touch pressed powder to make a picture-perfect blending easily
  • The palette is designed with eye shadow, blush, highlighter, bronzer, and an angled contour brush in one palette
  • The dark shade gives you the shading and defines the palette while the light shade gives you the sculpting and enhancing the feel
  • The palette is easy to apply on your face to present you the natural beauty and fabulous look
  • The palette can be used on all occasions to bring that glow in your face and also it makes an ideal gift for your friends and family members